Posted by: carmarthenbaywatcher | May 2, 2012

Anniversaries, Elections and a bad lunch!

Mrs Carmarthenbaywatcher and I have just celebrated 30 years of marital bliss. Our married years have seen some incredible changes in the British national memory.

We met a few weeks into Maggie Thatchers premiership and  married the day after British forces landed in the Falklands. We survived the grim days of the 1980s – the Miners strikes and the subsequent closure of the pits and the death of British heavy industry, we joined CND as nuclear annihilation seemed imminent and rejoiced with the ex-commies as walls came tumbling down. We watched in disbelief as the Tories committed political public Hari Kari not once with the back stabbing of Thatcher but twice with the dirty dealings of ministers in the 1990s. The election of Blair in 1997 should have heralded a sparkling new era but within weeks, Chancellor Brown shafted all married couples and mortgagees and we were suddenly £97 a month poorer. Obviously Brown’s raiding of the pension funds screwed us even more and the failure to halt rail privatisation made my daily commute increasingly expensive – this despite John Prescott promise to resign if he didn’t fix the UK’s transport system. Well, Two Jags Prescott like all politicians hung on like grim death and my commute got worse. Then Blair lied us into an illegal war and like idiots the Great British public voted for him again (go figure!). Brown eventually got in and screwed up leaving us in the mess we are now with the poor getting poorer and the rich getting let off.

So dear reader, what is the point of this? Well, 30 years of marriage has taught me a serious lesson:-

  • There is nothing wrong with inertia – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

This is where politicians go wrong, they can’t leave well enough alone and it’s why I won’t vote Plaid tomorrow. the LibLabCons have consistently ruined my life (and that of millions others) but the new leader of Plaid Cymru is a republican and she want’s to dump the Queen! Why? Well the only reason that she (and most republicans) can give is the “it’s not fair”. It’s not fair that an unelected member of a privileged family is our head of state. Well guys, I’ve got news for you, Grow Up! Life’s not fair.

OK, that’s a bit pithy and flippant but (aside from the president of the US), how many elected heads of state can you name? Go on, who’s the President of Germany or Ireland? HM The Queen is universally admired and we should be proud of her. In an earlier life I swore allegiance to the Crown – not a flag or a person but to a concept and it was explained to me that this meant that nobody was above the law. I liked that idea and I’ve not seen a better alternative.

This all leaves me with a big problem. I won’t vote for Labour, Liberals or Conservatives and now Leeanne Woods has blown away my Plaid vote……..

Yesterday I took Mrs Carmarthenbaywatcher to Carmarthen for a nice romantic lunch in a Harvester (OK our real romantic meal was still to come). Sadly, Harvester could have tried harder. The new Harvester in Carmarthen has all the ambiance of a 1970s bus station caff with acoustics to match. Why is it that you can hear the whinging  baby three tables away and the tsk tsk tsk tsk of the music system but can’t hear your companion across the table? Anyway we only went there because I had a yearning for Sharing Nachos but the mean portion size and overall meal experience means that we won’t share them there again!

At last, the weather is getting a bit warmer so I can get out on the bike again and start writing about serious stuff. In the meantime I spotted a really good  bit of bike path marking overkill yesterday on NCN Route 4 just outside Carmarthen where the county council have put Stop markings on the bike path on either side of a gated private drive! Come that glorious day comrade…….


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