Posted by: carmarthenbaywatcher | June 7, 2013

What a week!

Well here in Wild West Wales we’ve suffered from unbroken sunshine for about 10 days now and I’m deeply regretting not buying a hosepipe from Homebase a few days ago. C’est la vie – at least my arms are getting stronger from carrying 20 full watering cans every evening.

Yes, it’s been a whole year since my last attempt at writing – no particular reason just laziness I suppose. So, what’s been happening on and in the Bay?

  • The tide continues to come in and go out mostly twice a day
  • I’ve got a dog
  • The cats have moved upstairs
  • I’ve hardly ridden a bike since getting the dog
  • The weather happens.

OK, we rescued a kind of sheepdog / spanielly thing (Daddy’s Little Sheepdog or DLS) in the early autumn and pretty much every day since we’ve walked / run / jumped and swam along the beach, the old harbour and the Saltings. Even during the blizzards in the bleak mid winter we were yomping for four or five miles a day –


21st December 2013 Burry Port Beach

Our cats have not really accepted The Dog and refuse to come downstairs. They are now fed, watered and toileted in the box room and sleep with Mrs Carmarthenbaywatcher and me. The dog is kept downstairs behind a big gate that bars the stairs and the front door. This is probably for his own protection, Pickle bites!

One outcome since getting the Dog has been the formation of  The Burry Port Institute For The Study Of Things Washed Up On The Beach And Other Stuff. This not yet august (july?) body is comprised of me and my faithful assistant and we investigate stuff. Recently we investigated a newish fender of a yacht or small vessel, a nice frisbee and a brand new blue Ikea tray. We missed out on investigating the Dead Cows incident because they washed up AFTER we had been for that morning’s patrol. That could have been challenging. DLS investigated a dead gannet and frequently investigates feeding seabirds and little brown birds on the salt marsh. This often makes him unpleasant to share a sofa a lab with.


April 2013 DLS on the Saltings investigating Stuff.


On The Beach with The Gower in the background.

As we find more interesting stuff we’ll be able to report back – now that Summer seems to have arrived there will probably loads more stuff, especially on Monday mornings so things could get sticky interesting!

Have Fun, Keep the Faith.


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