Posted by: carmarthenbaywatcher | June 22, 2013

Wild Wet Windy Wild West Wales and it’s Mid Summer!

Daddies Little Sheepdog and I have been investigating stuff this afternoon. Prior to investigating stuff I had to fit a new toilet seat and bugger me it was a tough job. Whoever fitted out our bathroom must have been quadruple jointed or at least had an extra universal joint between their elbow and wrist, getting underneath the back of the toilet to tighten the wing nuts that hold it all together was damn near impossible. We are getting the whole bathroom refitted in a couple of months so I’ll make sure accessibility is built in!

The weather today has been atrocious – more like October than Mid Summer – gale force winds and horizontal rain most of the morning and still gale force winds this afternoon. What a difference a couple of days make:-

Looking West From Town Beach on Wednesday

Looking West From Town Beach on Wednesday

Looking south west across The Saltings today.

Looking south west across The Saltings today.

So this morning DLS was walked around the field behind us – I couldn’t let him run loose as he interferes with the horses that have been illegally parked there. This afternoon we went investigating. As the tide was in flood I couldn’t let him run absolutely free in case he got trapped – salt marshes can be dangerous places with deep gulleys and mud and unfortunately he really is that stupid (in Welsh, “Twp”)! So I kept him on his harness with a 10 metre extending lead.  At least I got  a couple of nice pictures of him looking investigative:-


Investigating the strand line – a bike track / footpath runs along the top of the bank to the right.

IMAG0431 IMAG0433

Anyway I think a hairdresser must have been washed overboard somewhere because today we found:-

  • a comb
  • one pink plastic hair roller
  • a hair bush.

As usual there were numerous shampoo bottles, drinks bottles and also a couple of wheels. We are trying to find the piece of rubbish from farthest away and currently the most exotic include a bleach bottle with Chinese script on it and an orange juice carton with Arabic writing.  Whilst I like to imagine the bleach bottle bobbing across the worlds oceans – across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, round the Cape of Good Hope into the South Atlantic, up the coast of Africa, past the Cape Verde and Canary Islands, bob bobbing away past Spain and Portugal, across Biscay, into the Western Approaches, skimming past Lands End and into the Celtic Sea, up towards the Bristol Channel until it finally came to rest up the Burry Inlet, it probably got chucked off a giant container vessel loaded with a billion more unnecessary plastic objects that will eventually end up on The Saltings. However, I suspect the orange juice carton really did get left behind from a beach picnic in Dubai, drifted past the Straights of Hormuz, into the Indian Ocean, down past the coast of Oman and Yemen, past the Red Sea avoiding pirates off Somalia, sunny Kenya, Zanzibar and Tanzania………..or maybe not.

It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the amount of plastic washed up – much of it is torn and damaged fishing nets, just imagine the damage that stuff could do to sea life caught up in it. I’m going to start taking pictures. Could this be the start of a campaign?



  1. I sat looking across the harbour and thinking of my gggf who had sea going ships out of the harbour until the1890s. I did the 55miles from Carm to Abertawe, and a great pleasure it was! They also owned the pub somwhere across the grass, where my auntie saw the first horseless carriage arrive in about 1896.

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